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Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program for Homeowners

The Housing Rehabilitation loan program provides income qualifying homeowners in Mesa, Garfield, and Rio Blanco counties access to low interest-rate loans to repair and maintain their homes. The goal is for a homeowner to have a healthier home to live in for years to come, comfortably and safely.

Loan rates are typically from 0%-3% and payments are customized by Housing Resources based upon the homeowner’s ability to pay.

The program is designed to finance essential repairs to improve health, safety, energy conservation, structural deficiencies, electrical, plumbing, roofing, windows, foundation repairs, and accessibility modifications.

Please call our Housing Rehabilitation Loan Coordinator for specific income qualifications and further details about this program at (970) 241-2871. Applications are accepted year-round.

A clients home before the Housing Rehabilitation work.

A clients home after the Housing Rehabilitation work.

Another clients home before Housing Rehabilitation.

Another clients home after Housing Rehabilitation.

“The Rehabilitation Program DEFINITELY HELPED! We had a hole in the floor in the living room. We needed a water heater, gutters, insulation on both ends and our pipes were exposed. This was a blessing! Would have been a year or two to even finish. The kitchen and bathroom are repaired with an increased value in our home. Super Program! It’s more of a home now. ”
- Elm B.

Critical Home Repair Program

The Critical Home Repair Program is a grant program that specifically serves those living in the City of Grand Junction or Montrose County.

City of Grand Junction Residents: The program can assist with minor plumbing and swamp cooler repairs that average around $400.00. This program serves those that are at 80% Area Median Income (AMI) or less in the City of Grand Junction. Applicants must be homeowners. Please contact our office for an application and additional information at (970) 241-2871.

Montrose County Residents: The program can help cover labor and materials/equipment costs for small scale critical repair projects. These may include mitigating pest infestations, roof repair, furnace repair, correcting carbon monoxide issues, frozen pipes, water heater repairs, electrical problems and evaporative cooling repair or replacement. This program serves low and very low income households in Montrose County. Applicants must be homeowners. Please contact our office for an application and additional information at (970) 241-2871.

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