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About Us


Purpose: a joint initiative between Housing Resources of Western Colorado and local employers to help employees achieve homeownership


Why Participate?

  • Recruit - Offer new recruits and existing staff a unique employment benefit
  • Retain - Reduce turnover by helping employees attain affordable housing and feel deeper connection to the community
  • Support - Show your employees that you care for them outside of the workplace

What can Housing Resources do for your employees?

Housing Resources has a variety of free services designed to help renters, homebuyers, and homeowners in Western Colorado. We also offer state and locally sponsored home purchase assistance to qualifying residents. 

  • One-on-one coaching in pre-purchase, financial literacy, and other housing topics
  • Group Classes in homebuyer education, financial fitness, and other home buying tools
  • Purchase Assistance Loans to help close the affordability gap
  • Self-Help Homeownership program for sweat equity homeownership

How can your business help?

The team at Housing Resources will work with your company to design a partnership that works for you! Businesses that participate in Partners for Homeownership can help their employees by connecting them to local housing services, hosting homebuyer education, and providing direct purchasing assistance.

Sample ideas to get you started:

  • Outreach 
    • Distribute info about Housing Resources' services to your staff
    • Invite Housing Resources to staff meetings, benefit fairs or new hire orientations
  • Education
    • Host a Homebuyer 101 or Financial Fitness workshop
    • Sponsor employees for Homebuyer Education online class
  • Direct Assistance
    • Provide small grants to pay for upfront costs like home inspections ($500-750)
    • Offer a savings boost grant program to match employee's savings ($1,000-2,000)
    • Offer a closing cost assistance grant ($5,000)
    • Contribute to a downpayment assistance loan ($7,500 and up)

*These amounts are suggestions and the responsibility of the company to determine


Contact Housing Resources Today! 970-241-2871

Let us help your business and meet your retention goals and increase employee satisfaction. Our team is ready to answer your questions and get started developing the perfect program for you and your employees. 

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