Finance Manager

Job Title: Finance Manager

Reports To: Executive Director

Located At: 524 30 Road, Ste. 3
Grand Junction, CO 81504

Position Description: Plays a significant role in directing the financial operations of the organization and ensuring the quality of programs and services. Meeting the expectations of partners, funders, government entities, etc., is critical to maintaining the financial health of the organization. Oversees all financial functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax and treasury. Directs organization’s financial policies. Responsible for all organization accounting and human resource activities.

• Enhance and implement financial/accounting policies, processes, and internal controls, to increase staff efficiency and effectiveness, as well as to protect organizational assets.
• Develop financial budgeting and forecasting processes, to ensure alignment with and achievement of organizational strategies and priorities.
• Generate financial statements and analysis for Senior Staff.
• Generate financial statements and analysis for the Finance Committee and Board of Directors.
• Oversee all payroll related functions and human resource activities.
• Provide detailed financial information to the Executive Director for compliance with restricted awards.
• Maintain a cash management system that ensures sufficient cash-flow for daily operations while protecting restricted cash and investments.
• Maintain integrity of the fund accounting system.
• Work collaboratively with program staff to ensure all grant expenditures are aligned with funder and program goals and requirements.
• Prepare analysis of sources and uses of funds for properties developed for sale.
• Take lead on OMB A-133 audit, preparing and overseeing all audit work papers and reconciliations.
• Analyze financial data and problem-solve inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and database issues/problems.
• Recommend, develop and /or implement process improvements/enhancements in accounting and payroll for increased accuracy, integrity, and efficiency.
• Maintain the cost allocation system and perform an evaluation of cost allocations bi-annually.
• Provide leadership, mentoring, coaching, and training for accounting and finance team members, to ensure productivity, quality results, and a positive team work environment.
• Serve as a key member of the executive leadership term.

• Advanced proficiency with general accounting principles, practices, and procedures.
• Advanced proficiency with computerized accounting systems and spreadsheet applications in business
office setting.
• Demonstrated proficiency using Microsoft Office products, including Outlook, MS Word and Excel.
• Excellent database management, reconciliation, and payroll administration skills.

• Excellent time management skills to organize and prioritize work, perform multiple tasks, and meet deadlines.
• Strong analytical, problem-solving, and process-improvement skills.
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills, to ensure productive outcomes with colleagues, business partners, and agency participants.
• Demonstrated excellence in leadership skills supervising subordinate staff.
• High sense of detail-orientation, accuracy, follow-through, teamwork, and accountability.
• Commitment to demonstrating and adhering to HRWC’s guiding values of integrity, quality work, trust, family, and altruism.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality with all data, information, and records.

• Bachelor’s in Accounting/Accountancy
• Five (5) years of experience working in business accounting role(s), with demonstrated proficiency with organizational accounting systems/processes, including databases, reconciliation, and employee payroll.
• Two (2) years of supervisory experience, leading subordinate team members

• Ten (10) years of experience working in business accounting role(s), with demonstrated proficiency with organizational accounting systems/processes, including databases, reconciliation and employee payroll.
• Accounting experience in a non-profit organization.
• Experience/proficiency with MIP accounting software.
• Five (5) years of supervisory experience, leading subordinate team members.
• CPA or MBA

• Office environment, with moderate level of interaction and office noise.
• Ability to work seated at work station for minimum of four hours per day, with intermittent standing, walking, bending stooping.
• Visual acuity and hand dexterity to work with computer systems (monitor, keyboard), reports, and other data sources, reading/entering/processing data and figures.
• Ability to use basic office equipment, including computer, fax machine, printers, copier/scanner, adding machine.

• Salary range dependent on experience, with benefits.
• Full-time position.
• Travel as needed, regionally and nationally; valid driver’s license required.
• HRWC is an equal opportunity employer.


Employed At Will. This job position is at-will, meaning that either the employee or the Company may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause or prior notice.

Not a Contract. This job description is not a contract of employment and is subject to change by the Company at any time without prior notice to employee.

Duties Not Inclusive. The duties listed above are examples of essential functions of the job position but are not all-inclusive. The Company may require the employee to perform additional duties not listed and may modify the duties listed. Reliable attendance is an essential duty of this position.

Handbook. The Employee Handbook contains important guidelines regarding employment with the Company that apply to employee. Employee is responsible for reading and abiding by the Employee Hand book guidelines, which Handbook may be modified from time to time by the Company.

Reliability. This position requires that the person be reliable in terms of attendance. This is essential to performing the job satisfactorily.

Submit cover letter and resume to: Kelly Anderson
524 30 Road, Suite 3
Grand Junction, CO 81504

Applications are being accepted. Open until filled.